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About The Rook

The Rook Post Mount is made of 100% PVC. They are designed as a spacer that is attached to a steel pipe and then secures a vinyl post. This creates a very solid and strong foundation for attaching a vinyl fence. They are ideally suited for soil and concrete applications.

Examples of applications for The Rook Post Mount:

  • Do it yourself projects: Finally a vinyl post mounting system that a do-it-yourself person can easily handle with confidence. The Rook strengthens the entire post length, not just the base.
  • Retro fit over existing chain link fence: Most of the work is finished, just remove the hardware and attach individual Rooks over the existing steel posts. Then slide the vinyl posts on, attach caps, brackets and add the fence section to complete.
  • Use in concrete or stone type soil: Just like a typical chain link fence the steel posts can be installed in concrete or stone type soil. When the steel posts are installed just add The Rooks and the vinyl posts to complete.
  • Great for large contractor projects: The Rook can be purchased at a bulk rate. This along with your quantity purchases of vinyl posts, steel posts and caps will add up to a substantial savings in material and labor. Your pricing can be more competitive because of these savings.

How it works

The Rook Post Mount acts as a spacer from the outside wall of the pipe to various wall thicknesses of 4 inch and 5 inch vinyl posts. The Rooks slide over the round pipe and are fastened with screws. Simply slide the vinyl sleeve over top of The Rook Post Mounts and you have a professionally installed vinyl post.

Product Specs


  • 4″ x 36″ Structural Post Drawing (PDF)
  • 5″ x 48″ Structural Post Drawing (PDF)
  • 2009 Small sell cat-v8 (PDF)
  • Flange Mount Tear Sheet (PDF)
  • ATI Test Results Rook (PDF)


  1. Can the Rook Post Mount work with vinyl post sleeves manufactured from different companies?

Yes, it can be used by 4 inch x 4 inch and 5 inch x 5 inch vinyl sleeve with a wall thickness of .165 and thinner.

Rooks will not work with 4 3/4 x 4 3/4 which is commonly sold at the big box stores. (Lowes and Home Depot)