About Us

The Rook Post Mount was developed by Earle S. Collins IV in 2003 while working at the family owned installation fence company located in Southern New Jersey.

We had been involved with Vinyl Fence Installation quite some time and we often encountered difficult installations that involved mounting fence posts on top of cement, wood bulkheads or other difficult areas.

At the time, all of the options that we had to choose from were terrible and just simply didn’t hold up to the weather stresses that fences undergo  like High Winds and general wear and tear.

Since every vinyl fence manufacturer does things a little bit different we developed “The Rook Post Mount” to help us find a solution to our problem while accommodating several different wall thicknesses of posts which explains why the side walls flare out and offer a bit of compression and create a friction fit on the inside of most standard wall thickness vinyl post sleeves.

Our Installation company installs fence Monday – Friday / 52 weeks per year.

This is what we do.

We have encountered just about every obstacle and challenge and if we haven’t we will figure out a way around it.

If you have a project that you are unsure how to approach please email us and send us pictures of the area in question.

Make them attention to Earle and I will be happy to help you find a solution to your problem.

There has been many cases where our product isn’t the right choice for the project and I will refer the company of whom I think may be the best fit for your needs.

Thank you for your interest in our products and good luck with your project.